The Gospel of Thomas


The Gospel of Thomas

For spiritual seekers and those dissatisfied with the teachings of the established Church, the Gospel of Thomas Collection is a series of spiritual writings that provide unique explanations and insights into Jesus' teachings in the Gospel of Thomas.

Discovered amongst a library of books hidden for over 1500 years, the Gospel of Thomas directly reveals spiritual Teachings of Jesus. Their Life-Giving quality offers each of us inward certainty and joyousness based on a timeless tradition of Truth that was omitted from orthodox Christian dogma. It consists of sayings of Jesus almost certainly written down before 52AD and therefore pre-dating by as much as a generation all the books and epistles included in the New Testament. The Gospel reveals the spiritual Teachings of Jesus in their purest form.

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In your search for the Gospel of Thomas you have done well to find this website. As its name implies it aims to give information about the Gospel of Thomas not available elsewhere and highlights relevant books. It introduces you to a unique collection of writings that give you crucial help on the way forward.