The Gospel of Thomas


The Teachings

When it seemed that the inner meanings of the individual sayings in the Gospel of Thomas had been found, an experiment was carried out by the author of this website. Using a large number of cards, the number and a phrase sufficient to identify each saying was written at the top of each card. Then below was written, in shortened form, the meaning of that saying. Where a saying was referring to more than one meaning, duplicate cards were used, and in two cases three were needed. This gave a pack of about 150 cards.

Using a large table, the cards were sorted to put like-with-like meanings together. It had been expected that a large proportion of the cards would be in the final 'miscellaneous' group. But it was a great surprise to find that almost all the cards sorted into well defined groups.

When the sayings represented by the cards in each group were further studied, it was discovered that a coherent set of spiritual Teachings was revealed. They become apparent merely by re-arranging the sequence of the sayings to put like with like, nothing needs to be added or taken away.

This experiment showed that there are, hidden within the Gospel of Thomas, spiritual Teachings of a great soul, working to pass on his insights to others. These Teachings are given in the third of the books high-lighted below.

To assimilate these Teachings requires a good deal of work—chiefly thought and contemplation, and allowing time for them to grow inwardly and mature. It will probably mean that some of our old baggage will have to slip away—and that may require courage. As we encourage and allow that to happen, what has been given us by a great soul leads to an enrichment of our lives in the here and now.

This was a true discovery—the third level of discovery. Jesus becomes a spiritual guide for us in a way that was not apparent before.

The results of this work are presented in the third of the books high-lighted below, titled 'Jesus Untouched by the Church'. While the aim of this book is to help the individual reader to become aware of these spiritual teachings, it has also been found to be of value for study within groups. Thus the Thomas Circle in England use it as the basis for their extended understandings of the content and significance of the Gospel of Thomas.

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