The Gospel of Thomas


Introducing the Gospel of Thomas

This book helps you find the spiritual treasures that are hidden in the Gospel of Thomas. It introduces you to the ancient document itself and will help you share some of the ways in which Jesus worked to enrich the spiritual lives of those around him; all equally valuable to you today.

It helps you appreciate the qualities of the Gospel of Thomas. It gives you all the matter-of-fact information that you need in order to understand the nature of that Gospel. It also introduces to you a number of the themes or teachings of Jesus that are inherent to the Gospel of Thomas.

It draws your attention to the distinctive nature of the words of a Master-an important aspect of its authenticity-and explains that the Gospel formed the foundation for a spiritual community that spread from Egypt to India.

It tells you about the ancient manuscript itself, about how it was discovered hidden in the sands of Egypt, and about the murderous adventures that were associated with its discovery, before it was recognized for what it is. It discloses the rôle of the apostle Thomas in recording these sayings of Jesus, and the very early date at which he did that.

This book is a part, and an essential factual introductory part, of a unique Collection of books on the Gospel of Thomas.

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title: Introducing the Gospel of Thomas
author: Hugh McGregor Ross
publisher: Authors Online Ltd.

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