The Gospel of Thomas


Jesus untouched by the Church

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The author discovered, by means of an experiment, that when the sayings in the Gospel of Thomas are grouped together with like-for-like meanings, a coherent set of spiritual Teachings of Jesus are revealed.

This approach has proved to be a unique method for revealing the content of the Gospel. It has also served to reveal practical and spiritual teachings of Jesus that were not apparent before.

This book makes it possble to come very near those who sat in the presence of Jesus, who listened intently to his conversations with his disciples. Jesus becomes a spiritual Teacher in a way that previoulsy was not apparent.

It has proved to be of great value to many persons seeking to enrich their spiritual lives with this Gospel. It had a life of eleven years, running out of print at the end of 2009.

It is superseded by a new book: Spiriuality in the Gospel of Thomas which uses the same version of all the sayings from the ancient document. These are translated to be as helpful as possible for you, and are presented in beautiful hand-drawn calligraphy.


"...many of Jesus' ideas were new, and even now are different from the doctrines of the Church."

"... nowhere in this Teaching is there reference to faith, to having faith, to being one of the faithful. Instead the key concept of the Teaching is to know—spiritual Truth being something that is known and found."

"Jesus reveals his mysteries and hence his Teachings to those ready and willing to receive them."

"... the image of the Light within us is eternal, not in the sense that it goes on for ever but in the profound sense that it is independent of time."


"Here is a book of the rarest and richest spiritual food"
Roz Harris, The Beacon

"Thomas is thought to have been unable to write and have dictated these unfamiliar statements of Jesus perhaps on different occasions and in no apparent order. Hugh McGregor Ross has regrouped the statements by subject, greatly helping the reader's understanding. His scholarly notes on each section provide insight of considerable depth arising from a lifetime of spiritual work rather than dry academic punditry. Very attractive to anybody wishing to find a fresh, strong, clear view of Jesus' teaching. Maybe not many know of this book but it could become a classic as reader's enthusiasm fires their friends"
Haydon Bradshaw UK

"I thought I knew about religion, but this has opened my eyes to a different world"
Dr Adrian Jackson

"This book is the most cogent, insightful, detailed, and thoughtful of those written on the Gospel of Thomas. Brilliant! A must-read for anybody interested in the early history of the church or the true teachings of Jesus."
Thom Hartmann USA

"The emphasis of seeking by individuals is of utmost importance to Thomas and makes this work specially relevant to our time"
Sibylle Alexander, Perspective


(December 2009)

Superseded by Spirituality in the Gospel of Thomas