The Gospel of Thomas


Thirty Essays on the Gospel of Thomas

These thirty Essays are independent of each other yet are all related to or derived from a study of the Gospel of Thomas. Thus they look at it from different points of view. They are the result of considering every possible aspect of the Gospel and its origin.

Some Essays consider the ancient document itself, how it came into existence, the rôle of Thomas the disciple of Jesus, the ancient mystical community nurtured by the Gospel, and the Gospel's own relation to the New Testament.

Special value lies in the many Essays that expound crucial Teachings of Jesus and show how sayings recorded in the Gospel of Thomas link together into a woven whole.

While this book is primarily a companion to the author's classic translation of The Gospel of Thomas, it is also a source of information about the Gospel, its creation and its meaning that is available no-where else. It is indispensable for anyone seeking to gain an awareness of that ancient record of Jesus' spiritual teachings.

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ISBN: 9781904808121
title: Thirty Essays on the Gospel of Thomas
author: Hugh McGregor Ross
publisher: Evertype

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